Katie @thedailyktie talks about her favourite LOG Cosmetics Nail Polishes Pt1

*Items in this post have been gifted to me for the purpose of swatching however all opinions are my own*

I received 4 coloured polishes (chosen by Log Cosmetics) and a like gel top coat. These are ‘normal’ nail polishes that are; 10 free, vegan and cruelty free. I mainly only use vegan and cruelty free when it comes to makeup, skin care, nail varnishes etc. I just think there is any need to test on animals for cosmetic reasons.

The colours I received looked beautiful in the bottle, they were pastel colours and one white polish. They were called Aqua Chic (blue), Guava (green), Pansy (yellow) and Snow Storm (white).

Some of the polishes swatched like a dream, the blue and white polishes were beautiful, the formula was great, I only needed to do 2 coats and it was fully opaque, unfortunately the yellow and green were not the same, these were thinner, dried more streaky and I think I ended up going 4/5 coats of the yellow which is a shame because I really like the colour but do not have the patience for 4/5 coats, I don’t mind 3 coat polishes (standard)

This is Snow Storm; I genuinely love this white, it was so smooth going on and not streaky or patchy at all. I think this will replace my current go to white polish.

Next up, we have Guava. A lovely green colour however took a few too many coats for my likely and was a bitch to apply non streaky or patchy.

Next up, is Pansy. This is my favourite in terms of colour, it is a beautiful yellow. However, like Guava a pain to apply and I don’t have the patience to do that many coats when I have polishes that are 2 coaters.

Last up, we have Aqua Chic, the formula of this one is lovely, 2 coats no streaks or patchy bits – applied like a dream compared to the others.

All in all, I liked 2 out of the 4 they sent me. These were all topped with the gel like top coat and actually the top coat is pretty good too, quick drying which I like, I have also tested in on top of stamping and it didn’t steak my stamping or drag it which is always a bonus as my current go to top coat does exactly that.

I have seen some of the others that Log Cosmetics have sent out to other nail people on Instagram and they look beautiful and they didn’t report any problems. I would consider getting some more of their polishes but I would maybe avoid the ‘paler’ colours.

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