Founder log cosmetics


At a young age, Dola grew up with a passion for all things beauty but living with endometriosis early on  propelled her into the world of health conscious and safe ingredients.

Now trained as a certified organic skin care formulator. She began to infuse natural oils and butters to create products that nourish the skin and hair. Founded in 2014, she has seen her ideas, creativity and passion for beauty come together birthing LOG COSMETICS.

“When I decided to wear my hair naturally (4c),this was right after a conversation with my then 5 year old who really wanted to be like mommy,  she loved the idea of my wigs and got confused whenever I took it off. I quickly realised that she was very much interested a different side of me. I loved my wigs but I also really wanted to show her that embracing her natural hair is beautiful. So I took it off, did the big chop and it’s been an amazing journey experiencing it with her and learning more together as we grow. LOG for me is truly a dream come true”

As a health conscious family owned brand, we pride ourselves in offering high quality products that are made with natural and safe ingredients. No sulphates No surfactants and Paraben Free, our hair care solutions are made with love for the whole family, we’re here to help you feel good, embrace your healthy hair journey as you “Wash, Style and Manage” your hair. 

Also, If you love colours as much as we do, then you’ll love our trendy selection of 10 Free, non toxic and vegan friendly nail polish shades. This year, we launched our Nail care and treatments line and we’re really excited about this. “Base~Coat~Finish”!
We want you to have an enjoyable beauty experience and welcome you to follow us on our journey!!

Our strategy is simple, you come first! Our LOG COSMETICS family will like to thank all our customers, partners and project management staff who strive daily to keep the show on the road. 

Lots of love,