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Hello everyone,

This time they kindly let me pick the next four polishes, I think at the moment they only have 10 polishes available so it was easy for me choose and all their colours are actually really pretty. I did pick up some light shades just to see if I had the same issue as I did on my last review with the yellow and green and I did have similar issues but only with 1 polish this time. I had a chat with Log Cosmetics when I sent my photos over to them and they were really nice and actually asked how I got on if I had any issues etc which I think is so lovely – I have swatched for a few different brands before and I haven’t been asked for my actual opinion from many brands. I was surprised they even asked me again too to be honest, just because I was so honest – I can imagine most brands just want reviewers to lie and say just the good things about their products but this time it wasn’t the case which is lovely.

So first up, we have the polish I had the issue with (might as well get it out the way). This is called Pink Peony, and it is such a pretty colour and perfect for Spring. However, I had a hard time getting this one to go on smoothly and non streaky – every time I painted on a layer it just took the previous one off. I ended up doing one thin layer and one pretty thick layer so I could take this photos, I know for some people that isn’t an issue but I like to do thin layer so by the time I am finished it is dry and I don’t have to worry about smudging it.

Up next, we have Moon Stone which is a gorgeous grey, this is the polish I was worried would be a bit of a struggle as greys usually are however it applied like a dream and is such a lovely grey! I love how quick drying these formulas are as well so after three thin coats you don’t have to wait around too long before you can start doing things again.

Next up is, Morning Glory. A perfect grey purple, so glad I now have this in my collection, applied perfectly and full opaque in 3 thin coats, quick drying and will definitely be seeing this again soon,

Lastly we have my favourite out of all the Log Cosmetic polishes I now have, Autumn this is a perfect Orange, so opaque easy to apply and looks so nice. Almost (I did say almost) makes me look slightly tan, I will be using this so much in the summer.

Which is your favourite out of these four?

Thank you for reading,

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