It’s Your Wedding Day, What Nail Colour Are You Choosing?

 It’s your big day, the day when all eyes are on you. You’ve planned everything but it’s now time to pick that nail colour that”ll match your mood and compliment the rock on your finger. Believe me it’s an important decision! 

Let’s have a little fun with this. I’ve picked out a few gorgeous nail colours from our LOG Cosmetics collection and I want you to choose which one you’d totally wear on your big day!


You haven’t put that much thought into it but don’t want too much attention on your hands so you play it cool. You’re the effortless bride!

Snow Storm

The classic white shade and safe choice. I love this colour because it feels fresh and looks stunning on short nails. 


Aqua Chic

Where are my creative brides?! This Teal shade is for the bride who’s not following any rules. I imagine the the decor with most beautiful colour combinations. This nail colour could be your “something blue”

Pink Peony

I love how sweet and flirty this shade is. Just like Snow Storm, this is a stunning option if you’re going for a young, fresh look. It’s gorgeous on all skin tones so don’t worry!


I saved the brightest for the boldest bride! Choose this shade and your guests will know you’re definitely ready to rock the dance floor! 

What’ll it be ladies? Leave a comment with your choice starting with the words “I am..”

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Love & Light Always 

Dola- Founder LOG Cosmetics 

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