Home Economics ~ Things To Remember When Doing The Grocery Shopping

Hi Lovelies! I hope your week is going as well as you’ve planned? Who else is counting down to the Black Friday Sales!! I for sure can not wait to shop my favourite brands and yes myself and the team here at LOG Cosmetics are getting ready to wow you with our offers so get ready! So exciting! 

Growing up in Africa, back in the day it was mandatory to follow mum to the market to do the monthly grocery shop. She always had everything written down to the detail; it was a little- I mean long list of items to buy for the house, the brand and even the traders name next to it. She made me get used to going with her and now as an adult and a mum myself I understand why. I would need these little tips in the future. Once I asked her why she wrote everything down and she gave me some basic principles of managing your home resources that have helped me and that I’d like to share with you.

Have a Shopping List

You probably only have to do this once, make it a long one that has all the things you want in the house. you can cross out or add as you go on. This way you won't miss an item when you go shopping. There’s nothing worse than queuing up to get into the shops, spending all that time in there only to get home to realise you forgot to buy milk! This always happens to me. Hence the list! 

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Always Plan Your Budget 

Where are my impulse shoppers! I mean once in a while you can sneak in an unplanned expense, maybe as a treat to yourself but the general rule is to always know how much you have to spend on groceries so that you don't cut into other household expenses. This is where our shopping list becomes very helpful because you can write down what you plan to spend on each item.

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Compare Prices To Get The Best Value

I love good quality but I also love to feel like I’m getting the best value for my money (You can probably tell by all the amazing offers we have on our sets at LOG Cosmetics shop..*wink*) I do have my favourite supermarket brands but you'll find me occasionally checking a few others just to be sure I’m getting a good deal. So don't get lazy about it, plus it’s usually always worth it too!

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Don't Forget to Check The Best Before Dates 

Whilst a good deal may seem like a good idea, it’s worth taking the time to check when the bulk of your shopping will expire. I never go grocery shopping in a hurry or when I’m having one of those long tiring days because I end up grabbing the first thing on the shelf and end up with the short life items. It is a pain! Take your time, leave the kids at home, or if they must come with you, give them the dates you’re looking for and have them do the finding! You'll be surprised the things that get them all excited.

I'm sending you all warm hugs till my next post!

Love & Light Always

Dola- Founder LOG Cosmetics

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